Welcome to Ken’s Pastimes…………..

My name is Ken (no surprise there) and this site is a record of my travels and is dedicated to all those miles I have traveled through the English countryside. There will also be details of my trips abroad to both Europe and the USA.

The UK section of the site is made up of a drop down menu of caravan and touring parks which are split into areas of the country.

In each of the parks pages there are options to view road trips from that site, photos or to move onto the next site within that area of the country. On each road trip page there are suggested trips to various places of interest within reasonable driving distance from each site.

Each trip gives directions to each place and photographs of the main points of interest. I have tried to give a brief description of the places that I have visited and there are photos of each place. It gives you a indication of what is on offer at various locations and I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

The site will always be a work in progress, with new trips added weekly.

A little about me……………

I was born in Nottingham in 1946 into a mining family in Old Basford. My father died of Leukemia  when he was only 25  at which time I was only three years old. My mother remarried a few years later and I took my stepfather as my adopted dad.

My working life started as a motor mechanic before moving on to van sales for a major soft drinks company. That lead to a position in management for that and other companies. My work took me all over the country but I never had time to look around many of the places I visited.

Since retirement I have bought a mobile home and now get the chance to roam the country and get a better look at where I have been.